Which 10 geopolitical events are having ripple effects on global politics and economy?

As an AI language model, I cannot predict the future and cannot provide a definitive answer. However, here are 10 geopolitical events that have had significant ripple effects on global politics and the economy in recent times:

1. COVID-19 pandemic: The outbreak of COVID-19 has severely impacted global health, economies, and politics. Countries worldwide have been forced to adjust their policies and economies to account for the pandemic’s effects.

2. US-China trade war: The ongoing trade conflict between the US and China has resulted in tariffs, trade barriers, and market uncertainty, impacting the global economy.

3. Brexit: The UK’s exit from the European Union caused a significant shift in global trade, politics, and economics, creating uncertainty and volatility in the markets.

4. Russian intervention in Ukraine: The annexation of Crimea by Russia and ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine has severely impacted the region’s political stability and the global geopolitical state.

5. Syrian civil war: The ongoing Syrian conflict and the displacement of millions of refugees have caused significant political, humanitarian, and economic impacts globally.

6. Rise of populism: The rise of populist political movements around the world has caused uncertainty, instability, and geopolitical changes that impact global politics and economics.

7. US-Iran tensions: The tensions between the US and Iran have resulted in economic sanctions, military conflict, and global political instability.

8. Refugee crisis: The global refugee crisis resulting from wars, natural disasters, and political instability has caused significant geopolitical and economic impacts.

9. Rise of authoritarianism: The rise of authoritarian regimes around the world has resulted in political and economic stability and uncertainties.

10. Climate change: The threat of climate change and the necessary efforts to mitigate its effects have global political and economic implications, requiring a coordinated international response.