Which 10 novel or innovative educational programs are gaining attention worldwide?

1. Khan Academy: A nonprofit online platform that provides free educational resources in various subjects.

2. STEM Education: A focus on science, technology, engineering, and math in the classroom.

3. Montessori Education: An approach to education that emphasizes independent learning and self-directed activity.

4. Project-based Learning: A teaching method that emphasizes hands-on, real-world projects.

5. Flipped Classroom: A teaching method that involves students watching instructional videos at home and then completing assignments in class.

6. Personalized Learning: A teaching method that tailors instruction to each student’s individual needs and interests.

7. Blended Learning: A mix of in-person and online instruction that allows for flexibility in the classroom.

8. Global Education: A focus on teaching students about other cultures and global issues.

9. Maker Spaces: Creative spaces in schools that allow for hands-on learning and experimentation.

10. Coding Education: Teaching students computer programming skills in order to prepare them for future job opportunities.